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The Organic Skin Co.

New Zealand's immensely green and pretty, of course, but it’s also the place where The Organic Skin Co. was born and where it has happily settled. We believe in our makeup; makeup that’s natural, chock-full of organics, and that actually works. Makeup that looks equally good whether you’re chilling at home, at work, or waltzing down the red carpet. Makeup, ultimately, that celebrates natural beauty in all its forms and that looks after you, thanks to the inclusion of revolutionary, oh-so-good-for-you supercritical extracts (which, by the way, you’ll also find right through our fab skincare line).

Talking about things that are good for you, we’re empowered by our relationships. In particular, we love the partnerships we have built with Eden Reforestation Projects via our ‘One Product, One Tree’ initiative, as well as with our friends in India, who nurture their magical, organic community farms, and who manufacture crazy-good products, all mixed in with a little dollop of love.

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Daily Rituals 玫瑰果香橙保濕霜

Thanks to the inclusion of a wealth of organic ingredients, including aloe vera, shea butter, rosehip cold pressed oil, jojoba cold pressed oil, and no less than 6 separate shots of regenerative supercritical extracts calendula, pomegranate, honeysuckle, seabuckthorn, licorice, and rosemary.


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Primp N' Prime 妝前底霜

Lightweight, rich in antioxidants, restorative oils, organic aloe vera, and revitalizing supercritical extracts, this is the best natural primer we know for oily and dry skin types alike. Not only that, it’s easy to apply and will help minimize pores and care for your skin, all at the same time! Primp. Prime. It’s time to shine!


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