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Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red
Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red
Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red
Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red
Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red
Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red
Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red
Sunstribe - 瑞典天然防曬護膚品牌

Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF30 | COLOUR - Retro Red

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Product of Sweden

Content: 30 g / 33 ml / 1 oz

WEIGHT 0.04 kg

Say hello to an all natural zinc sunscreen that stays on in both big waves and sweaty activities on land. Doesn’t contain any questionable ingredients (chemicals that harm coral reefs anyone?) and won’t cause a mess on your fingers or sting if it gets in the eyes. This is the original zinc stick you’ve been looking for.

Made with Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, this reef safe sports sunscreen creates a protective shield on top of your skin from the first moment of application. Unparalleled water resistance and high performance functionality loved by professional athletes and everyday adventurers.

Comes in a cardboard stick which makes the application quick and free of mess. Easiest to apply in temperate climates up to 30°C (make sure to store it away from heat).

Material: 100% carton/paper. Plastic free. How to recycle: Paper. 

Shelf life: Up to 3 years. Use up within 1 year once opened.

How To Use

This natural zinc sunscreen stick is ideal for application on your face, especially nose, ears and lips. Use one finger and carefully press the stick up from below. Use the lid to slide the stick back when closing the packaging.

Apply a thick visible layer. It will last for many hours without reapplication for example when you go surfing or skiing. When the cream no longer is clearly visible on your skin that is an indication to apply more.

Easy to apply at all temperatures without having to warm the stick. Be careful at very high temperatures as the stick could become soft.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil°, Cera Alba (Beeswax)°, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. Natural colourants: Theobroma Cacao Seed Powder° (Mud Tint), Iron Oxide (Retro Red), Ultramarine (Ocean Blue). °Organic

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide provides safe sun protection 

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide makes this the perfect sunscreen for a day at the beach and in the water. It is a mineral UV filter that provides broad spectrum SPF 30 sun protection and is safe for your skin and the environment – yes, it’s reef safe!. Blocks 97% of UVB rays and protects you from UVA rays as well.

Organic Beeswax provides water resistance 

Beeswax is nature’s own powerful protective barrier. Sourced from organic bee hives, this wax shields your skin from external stress while working in conjunction with the oils to lock in moisture. And not only that, it also keeps this sunscreen formula stable and makes it water resistant.

Organic Coconut Oil moisturises deeply

Coconut Oil is extracted from the flesh of coconuts. We only use virgin, unrefined coconut oil which is less processed than refined Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil gets absorbed easily and is one of the most effective oils to moisturise normal and dry skin as it seals in moisture, making your skin feel hydrated and smooth.

Organic Cacao Powder gives a natural tint 

Potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant from organic cacao beans that protects the skin from damage and premature aging. Improves the skin’s complexion by soothing redness and blemishes, and makes our sunscreens blend in more easily with your skin tone. Also adds a yummy smell of cacao and chocolate!

Mineral Iron Oxides add a natural red tint 

For the Retro Red colour we add Iron Oxides which give it a naturally red colour. If you have a slightly reddish skin tone, the Retro Red colour will blend in naturally. Iron Oxides are natural colourants that are approved for use in cosmetics and food.

Mineral Ultramarine adds a natural blue tint 

For the Ocean Blue colour we add the mineral Ultramarine which results in a natural blue tone. It’s approved for use in cosmetics and food and allows you to wear sunscreen in ocean colours!