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Powerbiotic - Organic Pear Vinegar【現貨】
Powerbiotic - Organic Pear Vinegar【現貨】
Powerbiotic - 波蘭天然提煉補充品【促進心血循環】

Powerbiotic - Organic Pear Vinegar【現貨】

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食完大餐飽飽滯滯,Powerbiotic Gut Helper可能可以幫到你Gut Helper 支持消化大量蛋白質,尤其適合那些可能在飯後出現胃灼熱和胃酸倒流的人。梨醋促進排毒,非常適合配合體重管理飲食,並維持鹼性體質。 梨果萃取物還可支援暗瘡肌膚。

Powerbiotic Gut Helper豐富類黃酮和強抗氧化物。 它含有大量的羥基肉桂酸,槲皮素,表兒茶素,穀胱甘肽和類胡蘿蔔素。 此外,它還含有天然的磷,鎂,鉀和鈣。

Powerbiotic (腸道幫手)Powerbiotic (脂肪很相似,但對胃較為溫和。 如果你因腸胃刺激而不能食用醃製/醋產品,Powerbiotic的產品絕對適合你





建議吃了一頓豐富的飯後,服用2粒。 不建議用大量開水服用。




60膠囊 x 300毫克





儲存方法:請存放在室溫及乾燥陰涼的地方,並遠離小孩。 如果密封墊已損壞或缺失,請勿使用。

60 capsules x 300 mg (one-month supply)

Product of Poland

Powerbiotic Gut Helper is recommended for people who are looking for an ad hoc digestive support after meals. Gut Helper great for people who may experience heartburn and reflux after meal and supports the digestion of large amounts of protein, maintain body alkalinity. Great for body detoxification and addition to the weight loss diet. Pear fruit extract also support clear complexion.

it is a very rich source of flavonoids and strong antioxidants. In particular, it contains large amounts of hydroxycinnamic acid, quercetin, epicatechin, glutathione and carotenoid. It also contain natural source of Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium & Calcium.

Powerbiotic Gut Helper has a similar profile as of Powerbiotic Fat Burner but is milder on stomach and better tolerated by some individuals. It also support people who cannot consume pickled/vinegar products due to gastrointestinal irritation.


Lyophilizate Organic Pear Vinegar 100%

Recommended daily dose: It is recommended to take 2 capsules per day after a hearty meal. It is not recommended to drink plenty of water when intake Powerbiotic Gut Helper.


*If you have known history of severe allergy and / or anaphylactic shock, please do not use.

**This is an organic dietary supplement, not intend to cure any disease.


60 capsules x 300 mg (one-month supply)

EU Certified Organic. Cellulose Capsule Shell.

Made in Europe

Additional information: Store in a dry and shady place, out of reach of small children, after opening store at room temperature. Do not use if the seal under the plug is damaged or missing.

Organic Pear Vinegar Capsule (Gut Helper)

Nutrition declaration營養成分

Per/ 100g         


Energy / 能量

1090 kJ /

260 kcal

Total fat / 總脂肪

0,31 g/克

Saturated fat / 飽和脂肪

0,17 g/克

Trans Fat / 反式脂肪

0 g/克

Carbohydrates / 碳水化合物

53,5 g/克

Sugar / 


Cholesterol / 膽固醇

0 g/克

Protein / 蛋白質


Sodium /