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Organic Bath Oil(Eczema, Dermatitis) 有機淋浴油 (適合濕疹,皮炎)
Bria Organics 英國得獎濕疹皮炎專家

Organic Bath Oil(Eczema, Dermatitis) 有機淋浴油 (適合濕疹,皮炎)

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This soothing bath oil gives skin a fantastic moisture boost, particularly helpful to stop skin drying out in the bath or shower. Organic Chickweed’s cooling, anti-itch properties help soothe, while Organic Safflower and Organic Sunflower oils replenish the skin.

100% natural & organic
Fragrance free

Gentle enough for babies & super-sensitive skin
Can be applied directly onto the skin 
Also used for chapped skin, cradle cap, dry scalp/dandruff, scars and burns/scalds
Use as often as required for adults, children and babies over one month.


Organic safflower Oil, Organic Chickweed infused in Organic Sunflower Oil.

With only three very effective organic, cold pressed ingredients this would be a perfect option for those with sensitive skin as it limits skins exposure to potential irritants. It's just as important to consider we avoid all the common allergens such as perfum, fragrance, preservatives etc 

Made in UK

Size: 100ml